Tuesday, 25 March 2014

"everyday" (part 11)

sorry, I´m late - again! But I had a very busy and exciting last week walking around Berlin so excuse my absence, I´m back in the saddle now :-)

12. - 18. March

12.3. sat in the sun in the forest listening to two woodpeckers working hard
13.3. tried a chili-cheese burger at Burgerladen - will eat the classic one again next time
14.3. saw "Die Letzten" in theatre in Wiesbaden
15.3. returned an opened and played DVD box set to the shop as the sleeve said "English subtitles" but the actual DVD didnt have any - got the refund without any issue
16.3. contemplated some really really weird and stressful travel plans just to be able to shoot another wedding
17.3. cut an apple into slices for two small girls (sounds mundane but I have never done this before)
18.3. discovered a new plant in my beloved botanical garden in Mainz