Saturday, 29 March 2014

"everyday" (part 12)

19. - 25. March

19.3. travelled to Berlin by train (sounds decadent but flying so far has been cheaper and more comfortable)
20.3. saw "Die Mausefalle" at the charming Kriminal Theater in Friedrichshain
21.3. met the lovely Julia from mademoiselle louve and since regret that we live so far apart! Thank you for the wonderful afternoon :-)
22.3. had coffee surrounded by ostentatious Berlin hipsters in Kaffeemitte and was amazed by the slow and dozy service
23.3.bought take-away cake at Wiesbaden´s traditional "Café Maldaner"
24.3. enjoyed a one man circus performance by my friend´s 6 year old son
25.3. managed to take one train early to visit my friends in the middle of nowhere - earlier train equals more time to catch up again = happy me!

1 comment:

  1. the pleasure was mine :)
    i guess i need to visit some "western" cities soon!