Wednesday, 5 March 2014

"everyday" (part 9)

26. February - 4. March

26.2. went to a new dentist in the outback of Mainz to get my teeth professionally cleaned again - turned out to be not much cheaper but the lady who did it was absolutely charming and we chatted away about Italian food
27.2. talked to a carpenter about the pros and cons of different sound proof windows...owning property sucks, I can tell you
28.2. saw "Der Duft der Dinge" on stage in Wiesbaden
1.3. found out that during Fassenacht in Mainz (carneval) you even pre-order the Fleischwurst at your favourite butcher
2.3. had a bath with a Lush"Melted Snowman"
3.3. tidied a corner in my bedroom I haven´t tidied since I got my bed...eight years ago...guess that counts as a first!?
4.3.went to see "Mr Marmalade" in theatre in Wiesbaden


  1. ich mag die serie... auch wenn sie mich gerade daran erinnert, dass ich langsam mal einen zahnreinigungstermin machen muss. mäh.

  2. Fleischwurst.. ewig nicht gegessen. Gibts irgendwie nur in Hessen! :o)

    1. und vor allem in Rheinland Pfalz...was wär die Meenzer Fassenacht ohne ihr Fleischworscht :-)