Wednesday, 23 April 2014

"everyday" (part 16)

16. - 22. April

16.4. discovered a different kind of bluebell (?) in my beloved Kew Gardens
17.4. got my hair cut for the second time within 2 days...the fun of being a model...after that I walked 26 km through London and still cherish my blisters
18.4. cooked rice pudding with coconut milk instead of cows milk
19.4. flew from LHR to FRA in a near empty Boeing 767
20.4. saw the Playmobil version of Faust II in Wiesbaden
21.4. saw La Traviata in Mainz

22.4. had a look around the new building on university campus - stylish but why does everyone walking around look so damn young?

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