Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I´m gonna burn this city, burn this city

Can´t believe it´s already a month ago that I went to the fantastic Franz Ferdinand concert in Wiesbaden (sometimes I feel that when you live two lives at once - which I´m basically doing - time is going twice as fast).
I have been to a fair number of very different concerts over the years and the Glaswegian band "Franz Ferdinand" was always on my list since falling in love with their debut album in 2004.

To put it in a nutshell (really, is anybody in real life ever using this phrase or is it an invention of language teaching classes only?!?): It was brilliant!

The support band "Teleman" was quite good  - they came from London and they won me over by that only. We managed to stand only 3-4 meters away from the stage so I had the best view and most "intimate" experience I ever had at a similar concert.
What can I say apart from that they rocked (gained a whistle in my ear that lasted till the next afternoon).
Over 100min of great great music played with precision and passion.

Next time the guys will go on tour, I will be there too!

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