Monday, 28 April 2014

I heart Paris

author: Lindsey Kelk
published: 2010

When Angela Clark´s boyfriend Alex suggests a trip to Paris at the same time as hip fashion mag Belle asks her to write a piece, she jumps at the chance.
But even as she’s falling for the joie de vivre of Paris, someone’s conspiring to sabotage her big break. And when she spots Alex having a tête-à-tête with his ex in a local bar, Angela’s dreams of Parisian passion all start crashing down around her.
With London and her old life only a train journey away, Angela can’t decide if should stay and face the music or run away home…

what I liked: It is mostly set in Paris which can never be a bad thing. Though some descriptions and analogies can get a bit repetitive it is an easy and pleasant enough read...and as pure shallow escapism it is quite nice to read about the heroine´s Louboutins or her Marc Jacobs Satchell.

what I didn´t like: Angela Clark is a cow! The things constantly happening to her are well over the top even for a book like that and her stupidity and clumsiness is just unbearable. This is Bella Swan in designer clothes.

verdict: The idea itself wouldn´t have been that bad, I mean, you know what you are in with chick-lit, but if all you feel for the main character is that you wanna punch her it is not a good start.
Well, proud I finished...and feeling more than ready now for some "proper" literature.

PS: This is part 3 of a series...I read part 1 years ago on holidays and vaguely remember that I liked it.

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