Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"everyday" (part 17)

23. - 29. April

23.4. picked up my first beauty-products-surprise-"Schön für mich"-box from Rossmann
24.4. saw "Woyzeck" at Staatstheater Mainz...thought I´d like it but didn´t
25.4. saw "Kaspar" at Staatstheater Mainz...thought I wouldn´t like it but I did
26.4. strolled around the "Orangerie" garden in Darmstadt
27.4. put sliced strawberries instead of halves on shop-bought pastry bases and it looked better than any version before - I called my invention rose tarts :-)
28.4. baked a raspberry & créme fraiche cake
29.4. met the four weeks old daughter of my very good friend and was relieved to see that the romper I bought was not too small already

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