Wednesday, 7 May 2014

"everyday" (part 18)

30. April - 6. May

30.4. been to the "Esprit Montmartre" exhibition in Frankfurt before having coffee with my oldest friend - she is 79!
1.5. got attacked by clouds of small flies on my usual forest walk, annoying
2.5. tried a newish Thai takeaway in Mainz, it was alright but not overwhelming
3.5. on my way to Karlsruhe I went to a bakery in Mannheim I´ve never been to so far (who said that every first has to be exciting?!?)
4.5. saw "Songs of the Wanderers" from the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan in theatre
5.5. found some bike-pedal-workout thingies installed in the park (and tried it!)
6.5. had some panna cotta-rhubarb ice cream

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