Tuesday, 6 May 2014

in the back of beyond

Here come some pictures taken during our trip to the North Sea coast of Germany last year (don´t tell me I´m a little bit behind...no need to reminded every six months lol).

If there wouldn´t have been a wedding alluring us all the way up there I doubt I would have ever gone there...somehow the German North Sea coast doesn´t attract me much as I pretty much have this covered by going to English coasts even so the landscape is fairly different.

Well, it was definitely worth seeing but the area didn´t do anything for me.
Too flat, too empty, too Northern, too boring. And the bloody sea at low tide is so far out that you basically never see it from the coast.
I overheard conversations of tourists proudly declaring it was their 25th time in St. Peter Ording - I think I would jump of the next lighthouse if I would have to do that.

But to each his own...have you ever travelled to Nordfriesland? Did you like it?


  1. ich mag die bilder, ich mag die küste und das meer...

  2. super bilder. schoen, dass du sie doch noch zeigst. und von nun an werde ich auch immer brav eine moeve fuettern :)