Thursday, 27 September 2012

in love with Løv

As we probably all have experienced now is that blogging can be a very expensive hobby.
Someone sees something particularly nice or unique, blogs about it and whoooosh - we need to have it too.
That's what happened to me (again) after I read about the lovely organic (French?) teas from Løv Organic 
on Ina's Blog.

So what did I do? I went to London...browsed through John Lewis and the Selfridges Food Hall and after being a bit disappointed about the little choice they provided I decided on the Ginger and Lemon one.
Isn't the tin lovely and stylish in a typically Scandinavian way?  Haven't tried the tea yet but will do so tomorrow...the joys of blogging.
With 9£ not exactly a bargain but "never regreat anything that made you smile"...:-)


  1. Der Tee ist einfach nur wunderbar! Ich habe das Glück, dass mein Stammbistro auf gänzlich Løv Organic umgestiegen ist :)

  2. Noch nie von gehört. MUSS ich probieren... teures Hobby... jaja.