Friday, 14 September 2012


...I did it again.
My wardrobes are bursting...there are piles of clothes on chairs, on the floor, on the washing line dried ages ago - but I still couldn´t resist and filled another basket with pretty Primark things in Brighton recently.
As said before, I can resist everything but temptation...

A loose fitting cream coloured blouse with golden buttons, the set of metallic nail colours, a cheap but compact blush brush, this gorgeous mint handbag and three adorable pairs of shoes - fake floral Tom´s, cute ballerinas and the leopard slippers that are following not one but two trends at the same time :-)


  1. Ich bin sehr begeistert von der Qualität der Lacke! Für den Preis...

  2. Und es ist nix in Senf dabei -juchuuu ;) schicke Sachen!

  3. love the bag and the floral shoes!