Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Liebster Award

The lovely Miu has given me the "Liebster Award".

I feel honoured and send a big thank you over to her.
As I´m aware that many bloggers are not into the whole award thing I won´t pass it on, but: As I can be quite egocentric I will still tell you 11 things about me followed by answering Miu´s 11 questions.

In order to avoid the dreadful "I" at the beginning of each sentence I listed 11 things that I´m quite keen on.

I like...
  •  my feet
  •  white lilies
  •  Jaques Brel
  •  marzipan
  •  wandering through London on my own, without a map
  •  to become a godmum one day
  •  making a good bargain
  •  the smell of Lush shops
  •  chai tea
  •  watching ballet warm-ups & rehearsals
  •  pixie crops

1. What's your favourite song at the moment?
The "title" song from the musical Rebecca which I saw on saturday in Stuttgart.

2. Would you like to change something about your body?
I´m a big girl and, no, it´s not just heavy bones. 
I´m wobbly, I´m pale, my hair is as straight and thin as anything and the first wrinkles make their appearance on my forehead. So, yeah, of course it would be quite pleasing to be changed into Sophie Dahl or Christina Hendricks . 
But on the other side, I don´t really give a shit. I´m happy, have a husband and friends, I´m fit enough to walk 20km without any problems and can still find clothes which I like. It´s not something I think about a lot really.

3. Which country would you like to visit?
I wouldn´t rule out any country and I´m sure it all can be amazing and, at least, teach you new things. But countries that simply attract me for no obvious reason? Russia, India, Easter Island (aka Chile), Finland 

4. Who would you take with you to a desert island?
As my direct family consists of exactly 2 people it would be my husband and my dad...and Tiger the cat of course.

5. What's your facourite scent?
apart from various perfumes...autumn leaves in the sun, cinnamon, dill, basil, lavender, olives, forest, steam trains

6. What is your favourite season?
spring and autumn...precisely, the first day in winter when the air smells of spring and the first hints of autumn in a summer breeze. I started to deeply hate winter!

7. A product you would not like to live without?
Of course you don´t wanna hear anything like oxygen or water now so...hmm...clothes...a wi-fi box...a laptop...tooth paste...impossible to reduce it down to one item.

8. What language would you like to learn?

perfect French...fluent Finnish...Dutch, Russian, Italian, Irish Gaelic

9. Do you have an idol?
not really an idol but people I admire are the Queen and Christoph Schlingensief - what a mix ;-)

10. Do you play an instrument?
the recorder...a bit poor really. But I own an out-of-tune piano!

11. If you could change one thing in the world - what would it be?
a cure for every disease


  1. congratulations. I like my feet, too, even tho there is nothing special about them :)

  2. i don´t like my feet but i`m in for some long walk through london eating marzipan, drinking chai, smelling soap and hunting for nice bargains ;)

  3. Erittäin mielenkiintoisia vastauksia! Und das war finnisch...;-) Sehr interessante und sympathische Antworten!
    LG, Appelgretchen

    1. Minä olen Daniela. Minä puhun vähän suomea.
      4 Semester lang Finnisch und das ist das Resultat - oh man :-/