Sunday, 4 August 2013

Me Before You

author: Jojo Moyes
published: 2012

plot: Working class girl Louisa Clark needs a job and reluctantly accepts to look after the wealthy quadriplegic Will Traynor. Both don´t know how much this unusual combination will change their lives...

what I liked: The story is entertaining, funny, well written, not overly cheesy and emotional. Thought-provoking chick lit at it´s best.

what I didn´t like: Unfortunately it is not a book that grips you instantly - the first third of the book I found a very tedious read. The character of Louisa had to grow on me as well as sometimes she is just so daft that it annoyed my inner snob.

verdict: Once you survived the boring first part of the book it improves a lot. Although I found it too closely modelled on the film "The Intouchables" it was well worth the reading...and yes, even I cried at the end. It´s gonna be interesting to see what a tear jerker Hollywood will make out of it.

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  1. i had a feeling it would be a bit like this... after all the girls loved it so much. gonna take my time buying this :)