Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Last weekend I was invited by one of my closest friends to stay with them and shoot her sister´s wedding.
So it happened that I spend some wonderful sunny and warm days in what possibly is the oldest city in Germany - Trier, a place supercharged with history.
Not one corner where you can´t find something Roman - and therefore hardly any corner where you won´t get over run by tourists.
It was my first proper visit to this pretty and interesting city but, although it is undoubtedly nice, I didn´t fall in love. I´m not overly interested in Roman history, like my cities a bit bigger and nearly got flattened while walking over a zebra crossing so Trier showed me it´s bitchy side (but that is just my personal opinion, as always :-)).

I didn´t take many photos as I simply couldn´t be bothered after taking over 1400 pictures during all the wedding preparations and the registry office and church ceremony. Guess I have to come back again one day for that :-)
Here my few impressions while I´m busy working through the wedding shots.

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  1. oh, Trier ist super schoen. da solltest du dann also wirklich nochmal hinfahren. wie laeufts denn mit dem nachbearbeiten der fotos. 1 400 000 000... :)