Monday, 20 January 2014

a magic dwells in each "everyday" project (part 1)

If you try as many new things as possible life apparently appears to be longer in the retrospective.
I like doing new things, think I´m fairly good at it too, and I am convinced that life is too short so I decided to document this "project" on the blog 2014. (Forgive me that I´m already behind schedule...well, it´s me so how could it not be ;-) !?)

7 new things every week, one every day
If you are interested in this kind of project then check out my friend´s blog as well.

1.-7. January 2014

1.1. been to the exceptionally empty Primark in Winchester
2.1. amongst many other things visited the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford
3.1. met legendary Jimmy Page on Marylebone High Street
4.1. walked to a different bit of the area we live in to look at a house we once thought about buying
5.1. walked to the western edge of Bushy Park
6.1. sat in Caffe Nero on Old Brompton Road, Kensington
7.1. cooked a Balti Curry with the help of a amazing mix from Rafi´s Spicebox


  1. Impressive!
    I think I couldn't find one new thing each day!

  2. fantastic. now I can steal ideas from you :)