Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"everyday" (part 2)

7 new things every week, one every day

8. - 14. January 2014

8.1. had a look around the newly opened Whole Foods Market in Richmond
9.1. won two rubber ducks on a 2p machine in Brighton
10.1. came through arrivals "C" at Frankfurt airport
11.1. had to put down an offer to photograph a wedding as I´m already booked that day
12.1. seen "Cinderella" in Mainz
13.1. been to a Moot Court based on a fairy tale and saw Puss in Boots being sent to prison
14.1. written things with eyeliner on a good friends pregnant tummy

1 comment:

  1. yeah, I'm so glad you joined in. I had a bit of a hard time last week but am back on track. it's fun, isn't it? xoxo