Thursday, 2 January 2014


It was the 1stJanuary in 1994.
My dad had decided to take me to a matinee performance of Engelbert Humperdinck´s opera "Hänsel und Gretel" at our theatre in Wiesbaden.
Little me had been to some christmas plays before and, as a child, had been a regular visitor of touring puppet theatre but never had been overly bothered by it. I always liked it yes, but nothing more.

Then the big moment came, I heard the ouverture of the opera and baaang, I was in love.
I collected all bits of papers, ads and programmes, started a folder which I decorated painstakingly in theatre photo snippets. I listened to the cd and, with the help of my theatre-loving granny, worked out what to see next (I was 12, my granny picked carefully to not overpower me with "Faust" or "Götterdämmerung" straightaway).
First came operettas, then ballet...if I thought I was in love already, ballet changed it again.
I was smitten, blown away, burning. After my first "Romeo and Juliet" I lay in bed high and awake all night as if I had fever.
I wanted to see everything, wanted to see more, soaked up every bit of information (it was the time before the internet after all) like a sponge and was obsessed.
Ok, some of the ballet dancers were just too handsome for my early pubescent soul I have to admit*blush

Nothing I didn´t try or see. Not long and I saw my first "proper" plays and, as no one in my family could keep up with my hunger I started to go on my own. Sitting alone in my beloved theatre didn´t feel funny in the shlightest, I felt at home (and still´s ok to go in company but I still enjoy it most if I´m on my own).
While my friends were starting to go out, kissing their first boy- and girldfriends and fainted to the music of "Take That" I was in theatre, listening to Prokofieff and skipping school in order to see some final rehearsals during the morning.
I was a freak, a very happy one.

Years went by, the relationship between theatre and me changed always again.
Sometimes it was all ballet for me, sometimes serious dramas, sometimes I needed excursions to the field of commercial musicals (it was then where I fell in love with musical star Uwe Kröger) and other times I needed a little break and preferred the cinema.

I studied theatre, I kept on going.
This January 1st 1994 so far has probably been the most life changing day for me.

And as I have always kept a fairly tidy calendar I sat down now and made a statistics.

Including all theatre performances but no concerts, minor rehearsals or comedy/cabaret acts in the last 20 years I have been to:

47 Musicals

117 Operas/Operettas

131 Ballets

30 Plays for Children

307 Plays

Makes a grandtotal of 632 times (if my non-existent maths skills do not fail me)

Feeling proud, excited, motivated and very sentimental.

Seen some mesmerizingly beautiful things, some shitty ones and a lot of average stuff.
Sometimes laughed, seldom cried, was often amazed and always entertained.

Theatre, the love of my life (apologies to my husband when he reads this...but I think he knows that he will always have to share my attention :-))

Here´s to next 20 years...the first tickets for 2014 are booked!


  1. Wow...

    Wo geht es denn zuerst hin in 2014?


  2. falls nicht noch spontan was "anfällt" dann am 19.1. "Nora" in Mainz :-)

  3. Ah okay... Nora... da klingelt was gaaanz hinten im Gehirnkasten. ;)

    LG und viel Spaß wünsche ich jetzt schon mal.