Thursday, 10 February 2011

I´m a Barbiegirl...

...I really don´t know why but since I saw the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson wearing that light pink wig in "Lost in Translation" I like the idea of having pink hair. Now it seems to get more and more into fashion and my interest in it turns into something like an obsession. The only problem is - will I ever be brave enough to bleach my hair basically white first?? And will my super fine baby hair survive that? And will I be brave enough to sport that look outside Brighton or London?
Will think about it for a bit longer I guess...and will stay obsessed for now :-)

I think I will give it a try and buy that wig...seen it for under 10 Euros, what luck I have that carnival season is about to start :-)


  1. Hmm, not convinced.
    I think it looks really good in the first picture, against the greyish/greenish background. However, I reckon it would be very difficult to find matching outfits to wear. All shades of red/orange would be out of the question.
    And yes, it is very London ;)

  2. I think the main problem is the bleaching. Lilly Allens hair doesn´t look well. And after dyeing the hair pink, the colour will wash out very fast.

  3. Exactly that is what I´m scared of ruins the hair so probably only a look for very short hair