Tuesday, 15 February 2011


When I enter a typical English house what strikes me is the size of the sofas. Is it just me or do the Brits like their sofas to be simply huuuuge!?!
The average living room hardly has space for anything else, it´s all centered around the (giant, expensive) flat screen tv and the sky+ box. I´m sure even German living rooms which are normally a bit more spacious would capitulate. Even though similar shopping outlets are slowly finding their way into the German market now England is absolutey full of them! And each and every one of those sofa empires is equally ugly and tasteless (and, to believe Mary Portas - the Queen of Shops - in her latest program their customer service is absolutely shit as well). Nothing wrong with a nice comfy sofa but I will always opt for the less English option...

PS: Nearly forgot the most annoying thing - their constant sales, half price or whatelse they come up with weeks advertised again and again and again and*yawn...I don´t believe it, they are just pushing



  1. lol, I totally agree. the epitome of ugliness!

  2. Indeed! I always put it down to the small London flats