Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My life in ruins

Didn't know this film was existing but was expecting some light entertaining, nothing great but at least nice Greek landscape to look at.
The plot is simple: Georgia is an American history professor who moved to Greece where her ancestors came from. Here she only got the job as a tourguide and she hates the ignorant, annoying tourists. During one trip some incidents force her to change her mind and at the end she is in love - with the Greek busdriver and Greece itself.
I really enjoyed watching "My big fat Greek wedding" so I thought I give this one a try. I managed to watch it but it really amazed me what bad and lifeless films can be done. And how can Tom Hanks and his wife be the producers of shallow shit like that??
The characters are one-dimensional, Nia Vardalos has lost all her charm and loveliness, the plot is boring and oh so stereotypical and no scenic bits at all. I was shocked to see that the scenes in the bus were done so bad that you could actually see it was done in a studio with landscape added afterwards. I didn't think "effects" that bad could still be found in films from 2009.
So, a really bad film - no wonder I had never heard of it before.

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  1. a bad movie, that's good, I got a bit worried when I read the headline ;)haven't heard from it either!