Friday, 11 February 2011

Matthew Bourne's Cinderella

A few weeks ago I went to the Sadler's Wells theatre in London to see Matthew Bourne's version of "Cinderella", the ballet with the music of Prokofieff (not Tschaikowsky as some people might have expected). What I did read before was that the plot was transferred to London during world war II which I thought would be very interesting and definitely an unusual twist on the well known story.
The setting sort of worked and  as a pleasant side effect (or maybe the real idea behind it) it allowed the dancers to wear very chic and lavish costumes.

I´m a Prokofieff fan (I think "Romeo & Juliet" is one of most beautiful bits of music ever written in this world) so I enjoyed the music - unfortunately not played by a live orchestra but in a production like this that cannot be expected I guess... The subtle changes of the plot to catapult it into the 1940´s were ok but nothing exciting. The whole ballet went on a bit and after a while I got slightly bored of all the Lindy Hop on stage...
It was definitely a pleasant way to spend a grey London afternoon but didn´t have the impact and beauty of last years "Swan Lake" production. Not enough "proper" dance, too much show and repetition...

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