Monday, 28 February 2011

The King´s Speech

Yesterday I finally had the chance to see this year´s Oscar favourite (and as we now know, Oscar winner) with my beloved Colin Firth playing the main character, George VI. Took me a while to find a cinema which was showing it in the original English version (really don´t know why the Germans, which are in general quite interested and talented in learning foreign languages, still love their films dubbed...).
With all the media hype I guess everyone is aquainted with the plot. As I´m always fascinated by English history and the Royal family I simply had to see it. And my deep love for Colin Firth since I saw him in "Pride and Prejudice" for the first time of course supported my interest in the film.

So what is my opinion on it now? I really enjoyed it, it´s a very interesting topic and it´s all done in a smooth and beautiful-to-look-at way. Helena Bonham-Carter always manages to scare me a lot no matter what she is playing so it added a new dimension - for me - to see Queen Mum scary ;-)
It´s fun to see Margaret and Elisabeth as small, cute girls, already with corgies by their side. The lady who played Logue´s wife kept me thinking "I know that face, I know that voice!?" - and indeed I do. It´s Jennifer Ehle aka Elisabeth Bennet in the already mentioned "Pride and Prejudice". Colin Firth is worth seeing and as sexy as he always is (once saw him described as the "George Clooney for the intellectual woman") but I didn´t really think that his performance was outstanding. Sometimes I thought he got a bit overshadowed by the brilliant Logue (Geoffrey Rush). But the film managed one thing, I spend half the night afterwards reading up on English history on wikipedia...and ordered a Queen Mum biography.


  1. I could not agree more.
    If you are up for a bit of gossipy royal inside scoop of multiple generations I can recommend "Behind the palace walls".

  2. I found myself doing a similar thing with both the King's Speech and The Dutchess - there are so many juicy stories within the Royal Family!