Thursday, 24 February 2011

What friends are for...

inspired by Miss Winkelmann's very interesting "Blogstoeckchen":

-describe your circle of friends
it's not one homogeneous circle. More a mix of little groups of 3 (including me) or single friends...and they normally don't mix. I seem to have my old uni friends, school friends, new uni friends, etc. Basically all the people who take the hassle of staying in contact with me even if I'm not at home for months. Unfortunately experience has shown that some people seem to forget you as soon as they don't see you anymore...

-do you have a best friend?
yes, and she probably is one of the people I have the least in common with of all which might look a bit strange from the outside. I have never been someone with a sister-like best friend to share everything with so best friend for me means less the actual time spend together than that we always stay in touch more or less, no matter what.

-do you easily make new friends?
I don't have big problems getting to know new people but, as my friendship standards are fairly high, I can't say I'm building up many new friendships.

-important characteristics of a friendship
attention, sensitivity, reliability and the way you can meet again after a while and feel close and comfortable straightaway

-friendship between man and woman, is it possible?
in my experience it is possible if both are in a healthy relationship otherwise one sooner or later gets jealous

-which is your part amongst your friends?
the organizer, secretary and event-manager. And the one who seems to have the most exotic lifestyle despite being quite boring :-)

-what's more important for you? family or friends?
might sound harsh for some but: definitely family!

-do you prefer your own friends or friends you have together as a couple?
In a long distance relationship you usually "only" have your own set of friends so I don't know

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  1. I love the bra analogy. Too bad that we cannot just pop into M&S to get ourselves a nice new friend, with lace detail and all...
    Btw - I believe it is called "tag" in English, as in the children's game. However, I much prefer the German "Blogstöckchen". It sounds so quaint.