Sunday, 13 February 2011

YSL Paris

Last week I made a re-discovery - Yves Saint Laurent's scent "Paris" which is on the market for some decades now. Not sure if it was my new black and white striped Primark jumper with the little red hearts or my new black eyeliner that I let my inner Parisian out (there is one in me -I swear! - but instead of conjugating verbs and being slender and chic it sits in a café and indulges in coffee, croissants and red wine...) and suddenly thought of the half empty bottle on my perfume shelf again.
(Is it just me? I quite often colour- and style-code my perfume with my outfit...jeans, a plain white shirt and a bagpack would e.g. NEVER go together with Chanel 5...a bit like wearing something velvety only to match it with CK one, doesn´t work...for strange me at least)

So I gave this flowery classic a try again and really liked it. A fairly heavy scent but still with enough of spring in it to make it everyday wearable. So I enjoyed a few french days, wait with anticipation what will inspire me next week and will definitely return to good-old "Paris" in the near future again...

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