Saturday, 19 February 2011

new shoes...again

I normally don't shop a lot when I'm in Germany as I find all shops and things simply boring (and I'm normally lacking spare money when I'm back from a months long British shopping spree ;-)).
Yesterday, while learning for my exams, I made an (online) exeption and ordered those:

Liked them the first time I saw them live in the shop but they were on sale (my taste must be weird - everything I like goes on sale sooner or later) and I couldn't resist anymore. I mean, come on, they were only 14,90 Euros now!


  1. Ich habe die noch zum vollen Preis gekauft- die sind toll, ne?! :)

  2. noch sind sie nicht angekommen aber ich habe sie zumindest toll in Erinnerung :-)