Monday, 30 June 2014


...or memories from the island of spring.
In 2006 I went on my first ever "proper" holiday together with my other half to Madeira.
As the island is not exactly a shopping hot spot I decided to buy something slightly unusual as a souvenir:
An agapanthus plant or, to be more precise, a plastic bag with a wizened shrub bought last minute in an airport shop.

Since then it has been a rocky road, it hasn't grown much first and sometimes had to survive with very little water when I'm not at home.
But now, for the second time only, it has rewarded me with two beautiful and long lasting blue flowers.
One of the best souvenirs ever that currently makes me happy every time I look out of my bedroom window!

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  1. oh, don't you love stories/souvenirs like that. better than a pair of shoes, no :)