Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ausstieg in Fahrtrichtung links!

Apparently by the end of the year those very old style S-Bahn trains in the Rhine Main area will finally disappear and get replaced by modern ones.
Even though the prospect of a more comfortable train without the seperate carriages and air condition sounds nice - I will miss those old battleships.
Nobody knows how many weeks of my life I have been sitting on them during my life.

Happy, with full shopping bags.
Nervous, before final uni exams.
Tired, after nights at the karaoke pub in Frankfurt.
Tipsy, after cocktail happy hours with the girls from my French class.
Annoyed, after long delays.
Sweating, in 35+ degree weather.
Entertained, reading a book.
Excited, on my way to the airport and my first blind date with my future husband.


I think that is reason enough to drag the camera out!

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