Thursday, 26 June 2014

everyday (part 24)

11. - 17. June

11.6. discovered a sign post in Wiesbaden that shows the distances between all the partner towns, always walked past ignoring it
12.6. tried out organic "Das Eis" icecream in Frankfurt - good but overpriced
13.6. finally tried out the much hyped "N´Eis" icecream in Mainz - was good but I still prefer "De Covre"
14.6. shot a wedding in Frankenthal - the biggest one so far...and what great fun it was!
15.6. visited my friends in the middle of nowhere by car, highly unusual but have to make use when my driver is over from England ;-)
16.6. discovered another public book shelf in Mainz (and took two home with me, of course)
17.6. bought a lovely herb flower bouquet on the market

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  1. looks like i should visit my current partner city :)