Wednesday, 4 June 2014

everyday (part 22)

28. May - 3. June

28.5. went to Brighton by train from Staines - slightly expensive but totally worth it
29.5. bought 10 birthday cards for 1pound, English greeting card prices are just amazing, aren´t they?!
30.5. had no coffee at "Pret a Manger" at the airport - had run out of money and was very sad :-(
31.5. bought new Birkenstock sandals in Mainz - first time I went to a "proper" shoe shop in a long time
1.6. saw "Vollmond" by Pina Bausch in theatre
2.6. got, fortunately, only half bitten by a nasty horse fly
3.6. carried home a 1200gr pot full of liquorice and gummi bats

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