Friday, 27 June 2014

Cashier number one please!

Recently I stood in the queue at Lidl in England, not a situation that is particularly noteworthy.
I looked around me and my eyes stopped at the young women working on the till.
She was wearing her usual Lidl uniform, and: an alice band decorated with bold peacock feathers - so pretty much a fascinator.

How amazing is that?!?
Not only that I own nearly the same one, no.
The fact that she is wearing a beautiful fascinator to work at the till!
Here in Germany I sometimes don't even dare to wear one at a wedding as I fear to get stared at and then feel like a barmaid who escaped from her saloon or something out of trash tv.
I doubt any of the English customers took notice but I was delighted - three cheers for the Lidl girl! Three cheers for the widely spread British ignorance of "appropriate dressing"!

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  1. well, if you can pull it off, why not do so... anywhere :D