Sunday, 22 June 2014

everyday (part 23)

4. - 10. June

4.6. saw the musical "Curtains - Vorhang auf für Mord" at university, it was brilliant!
5.6. had dinner at the cute and charming little French restaurant "Les deux Dienstbach" in Wiesbaden
6.6. saw the play "Tod und Wiederauferstehung der Welt meiner Eltern in mir" in theatre
7.6. "borrowed" a knife from a bakery so I could cut the cake I had brought to the botanical garden in Mainz for picnic
8.6. attended my first ever protestant christening ceremony in church (since my own)...I´m still a heathen
9.6. visited KFC again and was very, very disappointed they now have given up on proper plates and cutlery as well, won´t go again!
10.6. had a wonderful and hot day in Mainz with a friend from uni days, her mum and my husband - a new combination but it worked out

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