Saturday, 13 December 2014

diamonds are forever

In March this year I went swimming in Wiesbaden together with my husband as we regularly do during the colder months.
While I make a point of always taking off my engagement and my wedding ring off I never worried about my dainty white gold necklace with the small diamond pendant.
A present my husband gave me earlier on in our relationship, the necklace was still very new as I had managed to rip the old one.
When leaving the pool I suddenly noticed that the necklace was broken again (without me doing anything!) - it was liying on my shoulders...without the diamond.

We had a quick look on the floor but looking for a 7x3mm large item in a large swimming pool full of people is equal if not worse than the search for the proverbial needle in the haystack.
We left feeling quite down. I tried not to get upset as there is really no point in worrying about something material but still, the mood was spoilt.

In the following week I exchanged some mails with the thermal bath in case something was found but as expected, nothing.

This week now we went swimming again.

In the pool I re-arranged my swim suit as you do and felt something unusual, what can I say, between my legs. It was small, hard (I will get some very interesting traffic here soon I´m sure) and I first thought it might have been an earstud that somehow got caught there.
Then I realised it.

My diamond pendant had got stuck between the fabric and the liner of my swim suit!
Was with me all the time!!
Survived another pool, several rounds of breast stroke and two washes!!!

I told my husband, he had a feel (isn´t it good no one really sees what is going on under the water surface sometimes?!) and I carefully retreated to the changing room to get my treasure back and store it safely like Gollum.

Even though I´m an atheist you sometimes really wonder...I mean, how high was the chance for this to happen?

We left exhilarated and happy.
And are looking for a hopefully much stronger necklace now.


  1. Oh wow! Was für ein tolles, tolles Glück :)

  2. Hach das ist ja toll! Manchmal wendet sich halt doch alles zum Guten.


  3. well, that was really lucky... bet it was a great feeling to have it back ;)

  4. Wahnsinn! Der wollte einfach nicht weg von dir und hat sich fest geklammert. Na, dann bist DU wohl für ihn der Schatzzzzz ;)
    Liebe Grüße!

  5. Was für ein Glück. Das freut mich sehr für Dich!! :)

  6. Oooh, so ein schönes Happyend!
    Es stimmt zwar, dass materielle Dinge nicht alles sind, aber vor allem wenn sie mit vielen Erinnerungen verbunden sind, ist es trotzdem traurig.