Friday, 12 December 2014

Swinging with the Finkels

director: Jonathan Newman
year: 2011
with: Martin Freeman, Mandy Moore, Jonathan Silverman, Melissa George, etc.

plot: A London couple decides to shake up their marriage by "swinging" with another couple. Which obviously is not as easy as it sounds...

what I liked: Hmm, let me think. The apartment the protagonists Alvin and Ellie live in is stylish. It is set in London...and I 
don´t mind Martin Freeman nor Mandy Moore.

what I didn´t like: Well, were to start? The film is a remake of a short film which means: the plot is enough for maybe 20min, to make a full-length film out of that is just boring and tedious.
The jokes are pretty much all on level with "American Pie" so (fortunately) made me not laugh even once. Not a single cliché gets left out and on top of all that: Why that mix of nationalities in the cast? London for sure is a cosmopolitan place but this is just not credible.

verdict: Well, it looks and feels like your typical and much beloved Richard Curtis rom-com to start with but quickly leads into embarrassement, boredom and finally a soulless and glutinous happy end. 
If you can laugh about well-lubricated cucumbers shooting out of vaginas in the moment the parents walk in the bedroom then this might be for you...I really hope you don´t.

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