Sunday, 14 December 2014

everyday (part 46)

one first time each and every day - a new taste, a new experience, a new route, a new song, a new whatever.

13. - 19. November

13.11. first time baked scones at home - it's remarkably easy so will never buy any anymore
14.11. watched "Swinging with the Finkels" and thought it was rubbish
15.11. learned a new word while queuing at the garden center cafeteria which had some incredibly bad service - gormless
16.11. had a proper day out at Whipsnade Zoo - and found out that the funny animals that I so far only lovingly called "pissy things" are called maras
17.11. had a Costa Coffee gingerbread latte in Brighton and was fascinated by the cute star shaped sugar flakes on top of the cream
18.11. first time visiting the Odeon cinema in Kingston in order to watch "The Imitation Game"
19.11. had the trip from hell trying to get from Heathrow to Covent Garden on the tube in time for my hair dressing appointment - ended up walking around Isleworth cluelessly and arrived 45minutes late, there is nothing I hate more!


  1. Homemade Scones? Divine. My issue is clotted cream. Impossible to get here.

  2. Oh no! Did you still get your hair cut or was it cancelled?