Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Earlier this year I had one of my more strange ideas again - we were planning to spend a few days in Mallorca again in early October and a good friend of mine was going again in early September as every year - wouldn't it be fun if she would hide something, a "treasure" somwhere and send us on a quest to find it?
Well, as I normally stick at least to my odd ideas I told her and she, being as mad as me, agreed and henceforth planned what to hide and where to hide it.
Time went on and in September, while sitting in her garden for a BBQ, she handed me the lovingly decorated treasure map...

On our third day in Mallorca we headed for Calas de Mallorca in order to find it, didn't look too hard.
Well, as most times, it turned out to be not as straightforward as it looked on paper but with the help of my more logical thinking and more determined husband we made it!
Found a carefully wrapped empty cigarette box in a bush nestled between houses, inside was a 5€ note, a business card of a local bar and the invitation to spend the money on a coffee there and say hi to everyone from her and her family.

Thinking about this makes me so much happier than any ridiculous christmas present could ever make! We have created a happy memory even though we were hundreds of miles apart.
Friends are important but slightly nutty friends are the best.

PS: On our walk back to the car we had a very strange experience.
Henry Mancini's "Baby Elephant Walk" was playing loudly from somewhere and seemed to follow us but we could see no car, no ice cream van, no nothing that could be the source if this.
My friend thinks it might have been the aerobic class in a nearby hotel but honestly: who does aerobics to this tune?!? Creeeepy...


  1. this is an awesome idea... i need to ask a friend to do the same :D

  2. Was für eine tolle Idee! Ich liiiebe Schatzsuche :D und wenn man dann auch noch was findet... perfekt! Eine tolle Erinnerung ;)
    Und das mit der Musik... wirklich unheimlich... aber ich mag auch Gespenster...also: alles super in deinem Post, lach
    LG Dani

  3. Oh was für eine schöne Idee. <3 Wäre auch ein schönes Weihnachtsgeschenk... da werde ich mir was für meinen N. überlegen :D Mir fehlt eh noch ein Türchen für seinen Weihnachtskalender !
    Herzliche Grüße

  4. this sounds great. and you are right. much better than any carefully wrapped christmas present xo