Monday, 15 December 2014

sprouting desires

On my last wander through Brighton I did something quite out of character for me - I went into
Claire´s and looked through their "so ridiculous and over the top that I start liking it again"- christmas collection. There I spotted these:

Large dangly Brussels sprout earrings.
(you remember, Brussels sprouts belong to UK Christmas as potato salad with sausages to a German one)

I really wanted to have them as I love green, like sprouts, adore everything unusual and enjoy any form of provocation.
But then rationality jumped in and thought "No, you will never wear them. Search online for alternatives". So I did and found those babies (is there really anything you cannot find online these days?)

Cute and dainty little sprout studs from by the Shed.
I love them!

 PS: But on the Claire´s website I now have seen this fascinator and really, really, really want it...not so sensible after all...