Saturday, 27 December 2014

the sound of silence

In case you wonder why it is so quiet here over the last days/week - no, it´s not that the Scrooge that I am has suddenly become all festive and is celebrating a lot. No way. No hope there.

The reason behind my muteness is...I´m just not getting anything written.
I have plenty of time, more than enough ideas and topics for posts, but: everytime I sit down to blog and open the website I just end up playing Candy Crush...for hours...( level 543 doesn´t happen on its own you know)...or get distracted/annoyed by my husbands need for tv...or decide I should make some tea...or eat some chocolate...or get a message on Facebook...or or or...procrastination. I´m so good at it that it even stops me from doing this I actually enjoy!
The more I have to say the more I appear to stand in my own way and remain silent.

When suffering from writer´s block it is usually recommended just writing anything to fill this awful blank sheet/page will help.
So read this and understand it as my first step towards eloquence and speech diarrhoe again.
See you again soon!

PS: The photo has been put onto here just as I know how much more readers can be attracted with random cat content, it´s me being calculating :-)

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  1. Yes, it totally worked, I only came for the cat ;)