Saturday, 6 August 2011

Amazing graze

When I topped up my O2 phone card recently I got a voucher to try a graze box. I had read about it on blogs before so I gave it a go (
It basically means that you can pick a selection of nuts/olives/dried fruits/nibbles in general which are all supposed to be really healthy and you get them send by post so you can have healthy snacks instead of chocolate bars. I think it is your choice how often you want one delivered and if you want it send straight to your office.
I had fun rating all the food they have so they could mix me the right box.

The whole rating business worked very well and I got 4 pots of things I actually liked (chilli olives, dried exotic fruit, American nuts and a Thai snack mix)

The idea is good, the taste was fine but I have three problems with it.

1. The price...if you don't have a voucher it is well over 3£ every time.
2. I had eaten all 4 boxes within a short long are they supposed to last again?!?
3. I could eat the boxes AND have a slice of cake/icecream/chocolate bars on top of it.

So if you are richer than me and much less greedy and health orientated - this might be the right subscription for you! The idea at least is good I think.

PS: I have some vouchers for a free box in the UK so if anyone wanna try it too for free, let me know!

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