Wednesday, 3 August 2011

RA Summer Exhibition

On sunday I made my way to the annual Summer Exhibition in the Royal Academy in London again. Saw it the first time by accident ( wanted to see the Waterhouse exhibiton and opted for the cheaper combi ticket) in 2009 and was stunned. So much art in one place! And such a variety!!!
It is an overwhelming experience, I give you that and of course not everything "speaks" to you but anyway: An exhibition that is nice cause it's completely missingany unifying leitmotif. So everone will find lots of interesting and beautiful works of art no matter if you are an expert or not. A great mix of painting, sculpture and architectural models as well.

The exhibition is still on till the 15th august so if you get the chance to be in London - go and see it! It's worth the money! I promise you that you will be amazed and will get truly inspired...I got to inspired that I will sign up for an oil painting class this winter :-)

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