Monday, 1 August 2011

I did it! Race for Life, Clapham Common, 30.7.2011

On saturday I did my first ever "Race for Life" in order to raise money for e charity Cancer Research UK.

I chose to walk 10k, not an unusual distance for me but I never actually had walked it timed and on purpose before. How long would it take? 2hrs? More?

For the first time ever I made my way into London wearing trainers and tracksuit bottoms, a scary experience. I normally wouldn't like to be seen dead in them...but if it is for a good cause...

On the Northern Line more and more ladies dressed in pink and carrying their bags of unwanted items for the donation station got on the train. And I started to get slightly worried...they were all belonging to the super-fit crowd. I was getting a bit scared that I might be the only one fit enough to walk the 10k but not fit enough to run them...

When I arrived my worries were gone, there were loads of girls and women of all ages, sizes and fitness-levels. I felt happy and relieved :-)

After getting  free Yakult and cranberry juice, after handing over my bag and getting slightly annoyed that I hadn't got enough money with me to buy the official T-Shirt of the event, I started walking shortly after 9.30.
A great feeling, no one makes fun of you when you are not running or don't look like the most sporty person on earth.

Even though I kept to myself during the race I felt happy and very very good and satisfied.

In the end I finished my two laps around the huge common in 95min. Well proud of that!

Was a great day and a fantastic and inspiring event, already signed up for next year and can only encourgage everyone to give it a try.

PS: And you can still sponsor me and donate a small amount of money for Cancer Research UK when you click the link on the right and go on my sponsor website. Thank you!!!


  1. congratulations. I've been thinking about doing a charity race for a while now, but I keep forgetting to sign up. not a good excuse, i know...

  2. nice one! you definetely can be proud!