Friday, 12 August 2011

Camping - experiencing your own neglect as relaxation

it's been a while since I picked up the last "Blogstoeckchen" by Miss Winkelmann but this one just had to be done.

When did you go camping for the last time?
in may, my third ever camping trip, we stayed 3 nights in Norfolk on a very empty campsite

Do you enjoy camping?
suprisingly yes! I never have been camping before may 2010, it always sounded horrible to me. No own bathroom, no wlan, surrounded by creepy crawlies and, even worse, other campers! But then my husband convinced me to at least try it and I saw the biggest advantage: once you have all your equipment together it costs next to nothing.
I tried it and now don't wanna miss it anymore (and I travel with my beauty case and a proper duvet so it's a bit more "glamping" than "camping")

Where would you like to go camping?
everywhere I haven't been, where it is fairly quiet and a decent shower and toilet block is provided..Which is neither overcrowded by teenies nor by bourgeois caravans. Somewhere on a beach would be nice...

Best campsite?
lacking experience to answer that. 

Who is your favourite camping partner?
my husband. Would never consider sharing a tent with anyone else. Wouldn't get the tent up without him anyway ;-)

Your favourite "tent food"?
a proper fried English breakfast with tea in the morning made on our gas cookers in front of the tent...breakfast never does taste better.

Any tipps and tricks?

having a big enough tent to be able to stand upright in it. When you are not a teenager any more it's a real pain getting dressed in a kneeling position

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