Thursday, 4 August 2011


Inspired by Miss Winkelmann's recent post I took a detailed pictures of things in our house in England.

The vase came from an indoor fleamarkets in Brighton (Snooper's Paradise, the best shop in the world). It caught my I, picked it up and oh wonder: it is from a German manufacturer, from 1982 aka my birthyear and from the "Daniela" series...three good reasons to buy and one of those magical shopping moments)

A fun sign from Brighton in front of my beloved shabby feature dining room wall (which no one else understands, pah).

My husband collects Lego, no further comment needed...

Some everyday products which sneaked out of the bathroom ending up in the bookcase, I'm such a messy person.

A decoration thingy dangling from the curtain rail.

IKEA mirror in the hall.

The master of the front of the vintage train sign we haven't found a place to put it yet.


  1. I have stuff-sneaking-out-of-the-bathroom syndrome as well... :) (And any other room on top of that).

  2. I love your kitty. :o))))) So cute!

  3. love your cat. I'm sure he is the boss!