Friday, 19 August 2011

Fellinis Roma

Amazing what stuff I sometimes find recorded on sky. Must have been one of my "I-have-passed-my-film-exams-I-should-know-those-classics"-moments...
So I started watching "Fellinis Roma", as I now know, a controversially seen biographical of Fellini arriving and living in the eternal city himself and most of all a film about Rome.

There is no real plot, different episodes follow each other. Sometimes set during world war II, sometimes in the early 70's. I am quite an artsy film person and get bored easy if there is a too conventional story line...but this one here overpowered even me!
Some episodes didn't do anything for me, some were slightly scary due to the strong stage like make-up of some of the actors and some were simply strange.
Sometimes there was a bit were I thought "Yeah, that is a nice idea", then there were moments were I nodded off. Although some scenes were so grotesque that I feel they might be staying in my mind now (the brothel, that weird weird weird sacral catwalk). All reminded me a lot more of theatrical performance than a film.
If I wouldn't have read the very different opinions of the critics I probably would be afraid now that I missed something genius. But now I know that this is a weird film, not bad bad but far away from being a masterpiece as well.

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  1. interesting. I always meant to watch it. and I will. one day... :)