Friday, 12 August 2011


I love English magazines...the last couple of months have be extremely good in terms of freebies. Just look at it:
  • a Ciate Lip gloss
  • a Ciate nail varnish
  • a Balance Me shower gel
  • a mini bottle of Benfit's "Posietint" (my first Benefit product ever, yeah)
  • a mini Dove hair conditioner
  • a mini Mavala nail varnish

No wonder why buying magazines in German is just not that tempting at all...


  1. My mother brought me an InStyle from the UK in July. It included two Body Shop Eyeliners, one of which I really adore. However, my best freebie ever was a handbag size Occitane hand cream.

  2. I love this about England, all the free stuff, or 2 for 1 magazines :)