Tuesday, 17 January 2012

my cup of tea

Only a few more days and we will be living in our house for one year again already. First we thought everything would be decorated, done and finished by now...now we know better and can proudly say that we roughly managed to finish 50%. Another year and we might be getting somewhere...I don´t mind living on a building site too much so things could be much worse.
One of my absolute favourite things to do is deciding what to put up on each wall and generally how to decorate things. A tricky subject as well as we own an awful lot of stuff and therefore have to be careful with decorations just for their own sake. As most of the furniture is not in it´s final place yet, I have been hesitating to put up pictures yet...but every now and then you come across an object that you simply HAVE to have. So this is what I´m going to get. Might go into the dining room, might not, but it´s going to be lovely anyway :-)

you can find it on www.next.co.uk for 50pounds


  1. oh my goodness! I NEED THAT LAMP. It is amazing!!


  2. Ich glaube, in einer Wohnung/Haus hat man nie zu Ende dekoriert, gewerkelt, verändert. Irgendwas will man doch immer verändern. So geht es zumindest mir. Und es stimmt, dass die Tücher wirklich nicht viel Platz wegnehmen und ja auch eigentlich recht günstig sind. Aber das da wirklich Tücher im Wert von etwa 600€ in meinem Schrank liegen, ist schon erschreckend! Ich befürchte nur, dass ich das Geld für Tücher jetzt in Schuhe, Klamotten und Co investiere :(

  3. I like. I use a Canon EFS 18-55mm that was part of the camera when I bought it.