Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Yankee Candle Napa Valley Sun

"Take an exotic holiday and fill your home with the warm and comforting fragrance of a Yankee Candle Napa Valley Sun Wax Tart. Napa Valley Sun captures fragrant rays of a golden, powdery amber with a vanilla flower finish.
The new Yankee Candle Wine Collection for 2011 features an exotic selection of fragrances that compliment the wine rather than smell like the wine."

I´m pleased to hear that it actually doesn´t smell of wine, how about you? Never felt the need to perfume my house with the fumes of an old drunkard so far and doubt I ever will.
If I would have read vanilla and amber first, I would have expected something completely different. Here I was simply curious about the name (had that image of Mr. Big sitting in his vineyard in California enjoying himself...).
Again I´m proving how crappy I am in describing scents but this one smells warm...and perfumy...and tender. I like it! Not as sickly as the cookie varieties and not as bordello-like as full on "perfume" scents. A nice mix that I will use during the day when it is not really wintery and not summer either. A recommendation from me!


  1. Da ich ja quasi neben Napa Valley gelebt habe, wüsste ich nun zu gerne wie das riecht und ob es Sehnsüchte weckt:)

  2. Marc rattert schon auf Hochtouren :D Aber wir wollen erst mal zusammenziehen, Ende des Jahres, 2013 schauen wir dann weiter.

    Übrigens habe ich heute "Sun and sand" als car-jar ins Auto gehängt (also quasi ein Geruchsbäumchen in Jar-Form)und das riecht zauberhaft. Einfach nur nach Sonne und Sand. Schwer vorzustellen, oder? Aber die tarts sind ja nicht so teuer, den Versuch würde ich dir echt ans Herz legen :)