Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Yankee Candle Garden Sweet Pea

"Light a Yankee Garden Sweet Pea Wax Tart and enjoy beautiful spring fragrance and sunny relaxation any time of year."

That´s what the website says about this Yankee Candle scent, a pretty no-describt sentence if you ask me. I love sweet peas but I honestly have never smelled them...so I guess this one is basically a made up scent cause it just sounds nice. Anyway, it is quite a pleasant mix of flowery and fruity but nothing special and impossible to describe. Directlyx after melting it smells nearly a bit overpowering but unfortunately, and unusual for Yankee Candles, it fades away fairly quick. Not a very long lasting way to make your house smell like a spring garden...and not a very convincing tart too. Let´s kep on trying different ones...


  1. Na subba, "Sweet Pe"a hab ich meiner Chefin grad als Geburtstagsgeschenk gekauft, in so nem Glas. Ich selbst bin da ja auch sehr geizig und gehe daher mit den Tarts. Folgende stehen noch zum Testen aus:
    Soft Blanket, Strawberry Buttercream, White Christmas, French Lavender, Wedding Day, Ocean Blossom, Coastal Waters.

  2. alright... i am hooked :D i gotta test those candles!

    you´re right - i should dive into those sales :)