Friday, 27 January 2012

Disaster has happened, your mother has died. You have feared that state for a long time, you have tried to be prepared emotionally and at the same time always fought against that way of thinking. And now you live on just like normal…just like before the day x…and you feel surprisingly good. No tears. Often there is a memory and you feel that there is something, some form of sadness hidden, somewhere deep inside. But you can’t get to it. And you get scared of that moment you will find it…or it will find you. 

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans”


  1. Such es nicht, es wird Dich finden. Und das ist das Ziel erstmal, auch wenn es für Dich im Moment nicht so aussieht.
    Drück Dich.

  2. something similar happened when my grandma passed away. I kept waiting for the big bread-down, but aside from the funeral it never happened, and afterwards I sometimes ended up feeling guilty for not feeling sad (enough), and I was always scared what would happen if the emotions would catch up with me...

  3. *offtopic* - Jetzt echt? Ich klebte vor Faszination fast am Bildschirm - die Protagonisten nahmen immer auf gesundem Weg viel ab. Ich würde die Methode jetzt nicht 1 zu 1 umsetzen wollen, da zu extrem für mein Empfinden. Doch einige gute Tipps konnte ich schon lernen.