Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Style

it´s time again for another Blogstöckchen from enchanting Miss W.

How would you describe your style?
I don´t have one. I´m a victim (or a chameleon, however you wanna call it) when it comes to fashion. I like vintage dresses, I like jeans, I like plain tops, I like patterns, I like warm colours, I like cold ones, I like high-heels...and no heels. As long as it is feminine. And even when I see something I don´t like - wait until I have seen it in three different magazines in a row and I desperately want to have it ;-) The upside? I can be ready for pretty much any occasions in no time.

Your favourite outfit?
Favourite as in comfy? unfortunately tracksuit bottoms, warm socks, old T-shirt. But fortunately I am not anglicised enough (yet) to leave the house in that outfit. So my favourite outfit in Germany (where I feel I get looked at more and feel much less confident fashionwise): Jeans (for once fitting without holes, split zips or missing buttons), nice top  with a bit of cleavage and a cardigan. Best in a violet, soft pink, olive green or black combination so my eyes and make-ip look best. In England: black leggings, ballerinas, a loose short dress with a flowery pattern.

Your styling tipp? Don´t be so boring (aka German) and mix outfit which consists 100% of Esprit or likewise will never be exciting.

fashion faux-pas? white high-heeled boots, Ed Hardy stuff, white trainers and everything too sporty

your style icon/ favourite decade? again, can´t settle on just one. Everything from Jane Austens time up till the eighties has had its moments. And even to the eighties I seem to have warmed a bit. Icon?don´t have one.

favourite piece in your wardrobe? a small black crocheted cardigan, nothing special at all, bought it over 15 years ago in Walmart and still wear it a lot

I can´t do without...changing my shoes and handbags often. Sometimes I have been out with three different bags on one day.

I wish...that there wouldn´t be the same chain stores expanding everywhere. I want my Primark in the UK (and Ireland) only and absolutely hate to see everyone walking around with it now. M&S, Primark, Dorothy Perkins and Clarks in England...C&A and Deichmann in Germany...guess I´m an anti-globalization shopping addict.


  1. Very interesting answers. I have similar views on most things. (Although I would not mind an M&S in my village ;)

  2. Ed Hardy stuff - da bin ich ganz Deiner Meinung. Geht gar nicht. :oD

  3. Ihr könntet ja theoretisch irgendwann eine "Wedding Aniversary-Reise" machen?
    Wir haben uns u.a. wegen den in keinem Verhältnis stehenden Kosten gegen eine richtige Big Production Wedding (Plan B) entschieden und dafür auf die Reisen fokussiert.

  4. Die Dioptrien waren's nicht, ist mir aber auch schon passiert. Dein Kommentar bezüglich der manuellen Einstellung hat mich aber zum Nachdenken gebracht, was die Makroaufnahmen anbelangt. Mit Hilfe der Anleitung habe ich nun mal die "Av" Funktion an meiner Kamera ausprobiert. (Weiß nicht, wie das bei Deiner Kamera heißt. Jedenfalls ist es die Regelung für Tiefenschärfe.) Mit dieser Funktion bekomme ich viel die besseren Bilder als mit dem normalen Makro, da sich der blöde Blitz nicht zuschaltet! Was genau hat Dein Photokurs so gut gemacht?

  5. Ja, gerne! Ich geb' Dir Bescheid, sobald ich den Plan weiß.

  6. Habe mir das Stöckchen vorgemerkt... Interessante Bilder-Auswahl, Du scheinst eine it-bag-Expertin zu sein. Weiße Stiefel und Ed Hardy-T-Shirts sind ein absolutes no-go! Ballonseiden-Anzüge sind auch eine Klasse für sich. ;)