Sunday, 8 January 2012

Yankee Candle Bady Powder

When you do spend as much time and energy reading blogs and watching vlogs you just can´t miss the Yankee Candle hype that has spread within the community. Of course I was curious as well (and I get easily "infected" by a hype) and bought my first one...and more...and much more. So now I think I should start a series in which I present one by one and tell you what I think of it.

Today it is the all-time favourite of so many people: Baby Powder

On the website where I get my candles from it gets described as "one of their most endearing fragrances yet. It captures the soft and soothing warmth of a new born baby, the mild aroma of calming powder and the serene softness of a new life. Baby Powder captures the delight of a new born bundle of joy and is ideal for adding a sense of new life to your home"

Sounds heavenly (although I have to admit that I have never really smelled a new born bundle of joy)...and smells light, fresh, powdery and soft when sniffing the candle. Unfortunately while burning the scent is too light and hardly noticeable when you enter the room.
I think I might try it again in form of a wax tart (as they seem to be much stronger) but so far I can´t say that Babypowder has got "it" for me. A shame, the "sense of a new life" sounded just too promising...

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  1. Aprikosenmarmelade. Sehr lecker!!! Aber mit Zucker auch gut. Ich würde aber wetten, dass in den Crepes noch Vanillearoma mit drinnen war... Noch nie was nebenher gegessen??? Da hats doch so viele leckere Sachen!!! Ich könnte nur nebenher dort essen...